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Real Racing 2

I haven’t ever been much of a racing game fan, in fact the closest I’ve been is probably Mario Kart for the Wii…and it has been a while since that. That being said, I took the plunge and downloaded Real Racing 2, the most expensive app I have ever purchased, and gave a chance last night. I’ve barely been able to put it down since.

Unlike many games, this one seems to understand that not all players want to be punished by their games; consequently it offers a number of control options and varying level of computer assists to make your races either easier or more challenging. The end result is that I can play with different control schemes and find the one that works for me.

game screenshot

The graphics are amazing. To paraphrase another source, we’re no longer looking at this game and saying “This is good for an iOS game.”, instead it’s just “This is a good game.”. So far it is a blast on career mode and I’m really enjoying my fully upgraded BMW M6.

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