About the Cast

In this photo: Estragon, Cy, Xeno, Custer, and Vlad

Vladimir is an emo vampire.
He is trying to be a vegan, but has had some troubles along the way.

Estragon is a bad-ass werepanda.
He is too punk for his own good.  He mostly spends his time getting in trouble with Vlad and eating.

Zombie Custer is the undead corpse of General George Custer, forced to wander the earth searching for brains.  He is an expert on women and beer.

Cy is both a cyclops and a minotaur.  When he gets angry, he turns into Satan.  He’s also lonely.

Xeno is a geeky mummy.  He has a blog, writes music, and is generally annoying.  He’s probably our favorite.

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